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Take a look at what some of Sharon's clients are saying about her! As you can see, she trains both men and women. Not only are they happy with Sharon's style of training and the results they are seeing but, they all seem to have been training with her for many years. That says a lot about the comittment of her work to each individual.

Testimonial 1

"Sharon Perloff has been my personal trainer for the last 3 1/2 years. She is extremely knowledgable in various aspects of personal fitness and is able to combine multiple disciplines (yoga, Pilates, etc.) to create a truly personal workout designed to any individual's needs. I have never been bored from a workout since no two workouts are ever the same. She is also extremely patient and is able to get the best effort from her clients without being a "drill sergeant". I have received numerous compliments on my physical appearance since I began working with Sharon, and my health has benefited greatly as a result."


Andrew I

Testimonial 2

Sharon helped me recover from knee and arm issues in her capacity as physical therapy aide and successfully jumped-started my husband's fitness routine in her role as Personal Trainer. I highly recommend her!!"


Pia D

Testimonial 3

"I have been working with Sharon since August 2014.  My initial goal was to tone up for a big event in October 2014.  But I love working with Sharon and how much stronger I am today compared to a few months ago.  She has helped change my overall well-being by staying in tune with my needs and pushing me harder than I could ever do on my own.  I look forward to our training sessions and to seeing the results that Sharon is helping me to achieve.  She makes my week and weekend complete with our sessions and never would I think that I would want to get up early on a Saturday to work out!  Sharon makes the hour fly by and I'm lucky to have her as my trainer."


Kimberly M.

Testimonial 4


"I started working out with Sharon as my personal trainer 23 years ago!  It wouldn’t have been that long of a relationship if it wasn’t an absolutely terrific experience.  In Sharon’s expert care I became the strongest and most fit of my entire life.  She adapted to my every obstacle and challenge always providing a thoughtful thorough workout.  Sharon also set a high bar and great example of what one can achieve through day in and day out fitness.  I can’t thank her enough for all the inspiration and fun!"

Lynda G

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